Sunday, April 21, 2013

Outrage doesn't even BEGIN to describe what I'm feeling right now!!
I'm a veteran of the US Army, both during my time in service and since, I've had friends who DIED defending what they believed to be a Constitutional government. A government that had, as its HIGHEST law a document known as the Constitution. A document so clearly written and with principles which could easily be applied to changing times and changing technology.

So now we have the details of what was happening in Watertown coming out .... and unfortunately, its not all as noble as the officer bringing milk to a family who needed it.

I need eyes on this footage, I need someone to confirm or deny what is shown here .... was it the actual SOP they used during their search or was it an exceptional circumstance for some reason?
I have long supported law enforcement, at all levels, so long as they operated within Constitutional boundaries. I've never balked at cooperating with them when what was being done was within ethical and legal boundaries.
But if this is the new reality .... if this is what is now presumed to be acceptable, clear violations of the 4th Amendment, possibly others .... then I have to re-consider what it is I'm supporting and my reasons for supporting them.

I will also re-consider what information I've elected to keep out of the hands of the general public and what information I may begin to share openly.

Keep your eyes on the Omega Survival Projects blogspot page ... it may get interesting.

Here are links which show the incidents I'm talking about .....

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